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The Kennedy’s Story of Giving Back and Jordan’s Ride

Cindy and Zane Kennedy are a host family, Safe Families supporter, and never giving up family.

In 2014, Safe Families presented at the Kennedy’s small church, Markleville North Christian.  The Kennedy’s soon decided to take a leap of faith and become a host family.  Although they were not quite sure what was on the other side of that commitment, the Kennedy’s felt that God had prompted their heart, and they jumped in with two feet to serve families in crisis by caring for children in their home.

Soon the call came from a very nervous mother who was hesitant to use Safe Families, although she would soon be hospitalized with the birth of her 3rd child and had no family members able to keep her two sons during her hospital stay.  Cindy and Zane provided a loving home to these 2 boys who were very anxious about leaving their mother’s side.  Cindy was welcoming to the boys and took them to visit their new brother in the hospital.  Cindy held that sweet baby like it was an extension of her own family ~ and in a way it was.

As in many cases, the boys went home and Cindy didn’t hear from the boys’ mom for quite some time.

Then came Pizza Night at Greeks Pizzeria.  Here in MadCo we get our host families, placing parents and local supporters together and have a quarterly fundraiser night with pizza and music. The Kennedy’s invited the mom and her boys ~ pizza night gave them an opportunity to hang out and catch up.

Soon after,  things went down hill for this single-parent family.  She communicated to Cindy that she had lost her job and wasn’t sure what her plan was next.  With no car, getting around to look for a new job wasn’t easy.

Cindy had a hard time hearing the struggles of this single mom with three kids who seemed to be trying so hard but had so many setbacks.  Cindy said,  “I ask God all the time why some have so much and some have so little.”

That’s when Cindy got an idea.  She had a friend in the car biz and Cindy and Zane decided to ask their church to help them purchase a car.

This small but faithful church, combined with the Kennedy’s help, came up with enough funds to buy this mother a new car.

Cindy recounted to me how she told her of the good news,

“Well, I met with her at the library.  I said,  I have a surprise for ya… after we met for pizza and after you told us that you lost your job, we talked about it and prayed about it and decided that we wanted to help.  The Lord laid it on our heart that you needed a vehicle more than anything else right now, and so we asked our church and our church family came together and we have enough money to buy you a car.”

Cindy’s eyes became glossy and she said,  “So here we are both sitting in the library crying.”

Cindy and Zane took the mother to the car lot to choose a car for the amount that had been donated by this small but incredibly giving church.  When she saw the 2005 Honda Accord with only one owner she kept saying,  “This is so nice!  It just… looks so nice!”


Many times we strive to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and serve others, and we get no thank you and no acknowledgment all the work we have done.  And other times, our actions are the manifestation of God’s love for hurting people.

Later that day I received this message from this grateful mom: “You will never believe what Cindy shared with me today.  THE CHURCH IS GETTING US A CAR!  … I am blessed.  I can tell God does love me and has not forgotten me.”

God uses his people, his fallen chosen people, to show His love others.  But sometimes — you just have to jump in with two feet not knowing what God has in store.


Cindy and Zane did not give up on helping others, and God has give them a way to BE blessed while BEING a blessing.

The Kennedy’s have not only given help to struggling parents – they have chosen to be a blessing to the Safe Families organization as well.  Cindy’s desire to help others who are struggling come from a personal place in her own life.  In 2009, Cindy’s son – Jordan – passed away.  To honor his life, Cindy and Zane started up “The Jordan Bush Memorial Ride and Cube Steak Dinner” to give back to the community and help others in memory of their son.

Cindy said that after Safe Families came for a church presentation, she was “immediately interested and was looking for another avenue for Jordan’s Ride to help. My husband and I prayed about it, talked with our church about it and we decided we wanted to be a part of this Safe Families organization.  So last year, and again this year, our charity ride is supporting Safe Families of Madison County.  We look back, and it was a horrible time in our life.  We didn’t give up and we’re helping other people.  And it’s in his memory.”

Join us for the Jordan Bush Memorial Ride and support Safe Families in Madison-Delaware County  August 5, 2017 12 – 4 pm)

(rain date for Ride Only is August 19, 2017)

Start and End at: Markleville North Christian Church  32 N State St Markleville, IN 46056

Pre-register @ or call the church 765-533-4463 or just show up at the church!  Cars are welcome.

$50.00 gift cards given away at each of the 3 stops!

$20 Registration fee per bike

$10 Registration fee per passenger

$20 Registration fee per car

$10 Registration fee per car passenger

        Stay for the Cubed Steak Dinner after the Ride or Join us from 4:00 – 6:00 pm @ Markleville North Christian Church for dinner, and basket raffle.

$10.00 Adult  –  $4.00 Children  –  5 & Under Free

RSVP or send questions to Cindy Kennedy: