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How You Can Help Us Give Hope This December


It’s November – and at Safe Families for Children Central Indiana our office is buzzing with words like Giving Tuesday, Unselfie, and Families Giving Hope.  Amidst our every day work loads, we are carving out time to talk to friends and family about the #FamiliesGivingHope campaign.  You know without much thought what time of the year it is …. it’s year-end giving season.

This December, we will bring back our second round of year-end giving by kicking off our month long fundraising campaign on the national day of giving – Giving Tuesday.  Last year, we raised $46,000 for Safe Families for Children of Central Indiana through the #FamiliesGivingHope campaign ~ and this year we are setting our goal at $65,000!

How will we do that?  Well, we need you.  But we also need us.

Safe Families is only as strong as the people who step forward to make it work.  Peer to peer fundraising is much the same.  It’s all about asking others to care about what we care about. Here at Safe Families, we care about giving hope to families in crisis and loving them like Jesus… and we have countless host families and volunteers that feel the same.   

Our staff is working overtime to come up with creative ways to get our personal networks involved in the #FamiliesGivingHope campaign, set to launch on Giving Tuesday.  For example, we are taking pictures of ourselves and trying to understand the concept of an #UNselfie.  We are writing blogs at 1:32 am, trying to think of creative ways to engage our audience.  We are sharing our stories about how God brought each of us to this work, and will share them during the campaign.  Beth Kinney was the first to turn her story in, and she writes about how God broke her heart before bringing her to Safe Families:

God began to “wreck” me as my eyes were opened to the brokenness and injustice that exists in this world. I struggled to understand why God would allow me to have so much when others had nothing and it disturbed me.

We are sending emails to friends asking them to join us in December.  Lyndsey Abshire is printing mailers and dropping them in mailboxes and door knobs of her Carmel fullsizerenderneighborhood in hopes that the folks who live around her will begin to care about what she cares about:

Families in our own back yard are struggling with sickness, loss of employment, hospitalization and in addition, preventing them from providing a safe home for their children…My goal for Giving Tuesday is to encourage everyone in our neighborhood to donate $10, $25 or $50 to this amazing cause.


So, if you’re feeling inspired and you want to try and keep up with Lyndsey and Beth, here’s how you can help us get ready for #GivingTuesday and our #FamiliesGivingHope campaign.

  1. Help us be #UNselfie.


  • Make a donation on or before Giving Tuesday to the #FamiliesGivingHope campaign, then…  
  • Post a picture of yourself on social media being #UNselfie on #GivingTuesday! You can say why you are choosing to support Safe Families on this special day of giving in your own words – just use the hashtag #UNselfie, #GivingTuesday, and #SafeFamiliesUnselfie when you post.  
  • Donate and post on social media on November 29! Don’t forget to tag Safe Families for Children/Indianapolis (or your local chapter).  Contact Jen at if you have any questions or need help being #UNselfie with Safe Families.  Jen can send you the printout above or even take your picture for you at our office.

2.  Help us Fundraise.

  • If you feel called to support Safe Families for Children, consider helping us raise funds during our December campaign.  Don’t worry – you probably won’t feel called to do this.  No one does!  Well except Lyndsey.  If you’re trying to keep up with Lyndsey, just send us an email entitled “Help Me Help You Fundraise!” and will gladly show you how.   

3.  Help Us Share Stories.  


  • If you want to be like Beth and share your story of impact, or even share a quote about how God has used the Safe Families movement in your life, please tell us!  The incredible Jen Harris will gladly take your frantic phone call or email entitled “Help Me Share My Story!” Send stories or quotes to and we will use them during our campaign.

Even if you can’t make a donation, you can share the awe-inspiring stories and graphics we will be sharing on all December long.  The beauty of a peer to peer fundraising campaign is that not only will we be raising funds, but we will be spreading awareness about how God is working through the Safe Families movement, which is so much more fun than applying for grants anyway!  Give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Instagram at safefamiliesin, and be sure to check out for live fundraiser action starting on November 29!