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#FamiliesGivingHope ~ A Tale of Two Melissa’s

Host Family Melissa and Mike Laker live in Madison County and are truly gifts to the Safe Families ministry.  Here’s a small word about how Safe Families impacted Melissa’s life when the need for two boys came to them this summer:

For me my summer was going to be about camping, nature hikes and spending time with family and friends. But God had something else planned. I received the call that two boys were in need of a home.  

Their parents were being evicted that next day.  I said I would have to discuss that with my husband and to my surprise he said yes right away ~ so I knew it must be what the Lord had planned for us. Well, needless to say we fell so in love with these two boys.  My husband, daughter and I grew so much during the summer because of them.  They brought so much love and joy to us and expanded our faith in ways we couldn’t imagine.  So many of our family and friends also fell in love and were so supportive.  In fact my best friends kids ask about them all the time.  It wasn’t always easy with two more children to take care of their needs but it was worth it.  I relied on the Lord so much during that time and he gave us everything we needed each day.

It’s not always easy to step out and say send me or use me or open my heart/ home to strangers but isn’t that exactly what Christ asks of all of us?  When we do he does extraordinary things through us!!! I am so glad I said yes to two boys who deserved to be loved and provided for!!!! And it’s only because of what Christ has done and who he is that I am able!!!

Host Family Melissa and Mike Laker live in Madison County and are truly gifts to the Safe Families ministry. Read more about the Laker family in "A Tale of Two Melissa's" in the Latest News Section.

Host Family Melissa and Mike Laker


As God was moving in host mom Melissa’s heart to take in the boys, He was also giving the mother (also named Melissa) the strength to reach out for the help her family needed. Here is what this mom had to say about her experience using Safe Families when she was facing homelessness:

When I called Safe Families I was scared.  I spoke with Emma and she made me feel comfortable knowing that my kids would be with strangers.  After meeting with my two oldest boys’ host mom I knew everything was going to be ok.  I didn’t want to make my kids go with someone we didn’t know, but times were hard and I didn’t have a safe place for them at the time.  My youngest boy was with three different host families.  All the host families are great.  I couldn’t have asked for better more loving host families even after I got my boys back, they still continue to help.  I don’t know where these great people came from but I do believe that they are angels sent from God to help people in their time of need.  I can’t thank Safe Families enough for all the time effort and money spent on me and my boys.  I owe them a debt I can never repay.  My two oldest boys still pray for their host family every night.  They mean a lot to my boys, just as much as they do me.  So while I am writing let me give all the host families a big shout out to tell them Thank You so much for everything they have done.  Also, I would recommend Safe Families to anyone who needs a very safe place for their kids while going through their time of need.  I can’t say enough good about them.  Thanks again, Safe Families, for all you have done.  God Bless you in all that you do.”

~Melissa and the boys