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#FamiliesGivingHope ~ Why Jesus Doesn’t Belong In A Snow Globe

The Christmas season seems to come so fast and is over in a flash. With all the things we commit ourselves to during this season, it’s so easy to let it pass without stopping to think about what this holiday means. I’m very guilty of this, but a few weeks ago, an 8-year-old girl said something that made me pause in the crazy whirlwind of this season.

Safe Families has been serving this little girl’s family since early October and to say the least, the 4 children have captured part of my heart, and the hearts of the many others who have encountered them. The journey has not been an easy one, but the Lord has made himself known even during the hard times. Just a few weeks ago, donations were made, allowing the family to purchase Christmas gifts for their children which, without the donations would have been impossible to provide. Later, the parents of this family told me about all the gifts they were able to purchase for their children because of all the donations they had received. The kids’ mom told me what each child really wanted this year. She said that her daughter asked her for something simple: Jesus in a snow globe.

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Her precious desire catapulted my heart into deep thought. She simply wanted a representation of her Savior. How beautiful is that? It reminds me of something even greater that I continually need to remember—and maybe you do too: God didn’t give us Jesus in a snow globe. He didn’t give us a Savior confined to our individual worlds. He gave us Christ, in the flesh, Savior of the entire world. He sent His faithful Servant who would walk fearlessly among the least of these and confidently amidst the broken. He wasn’t sent to live peacefully in the perfect worlds we’ve created—shielded from the pain and brokenness of this world. He came to go beyond our “snow globes.”

This gift that God so graciously sent down to us isn’t to encourage us into the comfortable places to serve in His name. During his lifetime, Jesus wasn’t found among the healthy, prosperous and put-together people. He was found ministering among the broken, messy, hurting and rundown. When questioned by the Pharisees why he was among these people, “Jesus answered them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.’” (Matthew 9:12, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31)

My desire is to serve like Christ. Based on his example, doing that means going beyond my comfort zone, my “snow globe,” into the messy. Will you join me? Will you go beyond your own snow globe to take His name and His love to the ends of the earth? Two things I can guarantee, Jesus is there and He needs you. He needs you among the broken and hurting.

Such a simple physical gift requested to remind a small girl of her Savior. I hope her request reminds you of the gift the Lord gave us and the gift that we need to take into the world: Jesus.

–Casey Geztin, Family Coach, Safe Families for Children ~ Madison/Delaware County