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A Necessary Change to Safe Families of Madison County

Dear host families, placing parents, donors and volunteers of Safe Families in Madison County:


You know change is a good thing, right?


Many times, when our placing parents come to us in their moment of crisis, their world is being rocked by life-altering change.  They’ve endured the loss of a relationship, or a job, or a home.  They’re facing uncertainty and trusting with every fiber of their being that God has led them to this place, this phone number, this organization that we call Safe Families.


And He has.  We ask them to trust us.  To trust our volunteers, our host families, and our staff.  And to not be afraid of the change.



Our organization is undergoing similar changes.  Since 2013 Safe Families of Madison County has operated as a Chapter site, nestled tightly under the wing of Safe Families of Central Indiana.  We did our own fundraising, supervised our own placements, and recruited our own volunteers.  We rallied churches and families around the Safe Families cause … and it worked.  


Within four years we recruited over 50 hosts to serve children in need in our county.  We facilitated over 500 hostings.  We pioneered new fundraising initiatives.  We’ve seen long term relationships be established and host families become mentors to struggling parents.  We’ve seen host families invite lonely parents into their homes, their church families, and their lives.   We’ve even seen hosts become guardians or adoptive parents to children who desperately needed long term help.   None of this has happened easily.  But all of this has happened as a result of God’s will.  For those of you who have made an investment with your service, your volunteerism, or your donation …. Thank You.  Lives have been forever changed and Jesus has been forever glorified by your work.


After four and a half years of operating with a local Director heading up operations in Madison County, the organization has shifted to a new model effective June 2017.  The decision to implement this new model is necessary due to the growth we have experienced, and it will provide better support for the long run of the organization as a whole.  Under this model, Chapter Directors will not exist, and instead we will operate under a three tier department structure.  It is with excitement and trust in God’s good and perfect timing that we look forward to implementing this necessary change.



If you are a host family or placing parent, you will be connected to our Department of Family Coaching under the incredible leadership of Lanna Blanchard.  Lanna can be reached via email at


If your church or organization/agency is involved with Safe Families, or if you have served as a Ministry Lead, you will be connected to the Department of Church and Community Engagement led by Suzanne Kellam.  Suzanne can be reached via email at


If you are a donor or have assisted with fundraising events, you will be connected to the Department of Fundraising and Development, directed by Kris Keys.  Kris can be reached at


Thank you for the investment each of you have made in fanning the flame of the Safe Families movement in Madison County.  Please continue the good work of loving others as Christ first loved us in tangible and radical ways.  I will not be taking a new position with the organization under the new model, and instead I will be allowing God to lead me and my family in a new direction.  It has been a challenge and a humbling experience being Madison County’s local leader, and one I will never forget.  


Lastly, please don’t forget to join us again this year as we kick off our fourth year of Concert for a Cause 2017 held in downtown Anderson.  This event will benefit the Safe Families movement in Indiana through fundraising and awareness.  We are thrilled to bring in Josh Kaufman (yes that’s right – winner of The Voice!) as a special musical guest this year – and can’t wait to connect our community to our cause through music and family fun once more!  Please contact Kris Keys at if you’d like to sponsor or volunteer for the event – and check out the website for tickets and more info:


With much sincerity and even more gratitude,

Emma Johnson

Former Director, Safe Families for Children of Madison County