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  • The beautiful Paramount theatre is where Safe Families of Madison County held Concert for a Cause 2016 featuring Shawn McDonald! Each year our goal is to raise funds and awareness for our local chapter - and this year we raised $9,512.79 primarily from local businesses who chose to make an investment in their community by sponsoring this event. We had over 300 people in attendance. Every cent raised goes to supporting our local chapter of Safe Families for Children. God is good and we are so thankful for the amazing support we received despite the rain. THANK YOU!!!

  • Our host family and placing parent story shared by Roger & Bev Sharritt and placing parent Jeff who was asked, "What would have happened if Safe Families hadn't been able to help you?" ... "They'd probably be somewhere in foster care, and I'd still be fighting for them to be with me." You can read about Roger and Bev's journey hosting 2 girls for 10 months here:

  • Host Family Randy and Hannah Riggs trying out the Concert for a Cause Instagram Frame!

  • Jeremy Johnson opening for Shawn McDonald at Concert for a Cause 2016

  • Our handprint banner made by our safe family community at Concert for a Cause 2016. Our banner consists of handprints from placing parents, host families, children, volunteers, church leaders, community workers and even local law enforcement. It takes a village to keep the Safe Families movement alive!

  • Musical performance and story sharing by Shawn McDonald who said "I know the story of these people. I had parents that couldn't care for me and thank God for my grandparents." Shawn shared his personal story along with his faith-inspired music with our audience at Concert for a Cause 2016.

  • Concert for a Cause merchandise includes t-shirts, and coloring books made by our Safe Family kiddos!

  • Safe Families staff member Lanna Blanchard snuggles up with one of our concert attendees. Each year, we invite our host families, placing parents and their families to our annual fundraiser and outreach event. This gives us the opportunity to unite with the people who make Safe Families possible, and builds support and awareness for our local chapter.

  • Whitney and Ila Jones making a mark on our safe families handprint banner! Bringing our community together to support the cause of Safe Families is what Concert for a Cause is all about!

  • This print was made by a local police officer who stopped to make his mark on our banner.

  • One of our many kiddos in attendance placing a small but mighty handprint on our banner.

  • Jay Harvey talks with Isaac Fair about receiving a Brave Together coloring book. Our coloring books were created by our host family and placing parent kiddos. It takes bravery and faith on behalf of the placing parent and the host family when choosing to be a part of Safe Families. Our coloring books are all about being Brave Together!