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Church history is filled with accounts of believers rescuing “exposed” infants in ancient Rome, taking in orphans, caring for the sick and the elderly, and sheltering pilgrims. Scores of orphanages, hospitals and asylums were first developed by Christians putting their faith into practice. Today, as resource limitations and legal constraints of the government restrict its ability to meet these needs, the church is reemerging as a champion for vulnerable families. The Christian writer, Tertullian (AD 200), wrote, “It is our care of the helpless, our practice of loving kindness that brands us in the eyes of many of our opponents.”

Are you interested in unleashing your families to live out biblical hospitality? By doing so, your Church creates a safety net for children and support for parents that ultimately can reduce child abuse and shrink the foster care system.

Below are our churches in the Anderson/Muncie area that have joined the movement and begun to position themselves to bring hope to families in crisis.